SIHOT’s Mix&Match E-Learning Platform, customizable to your team’s needs.

The ACADEMY at a glance:


Modular Courses

Filter options by department
(e.g. Front Office)


Free to use

For SIHOT customers


Access to SIHOT practice software

Apply learned know-how in a PMS


Customized courses

Individual content upon request


Flexible deployment based on needs

Complete onboarding or selection of individual modules


Significant cost savings potential

Save up to 82% compared to a new customer onboarding with a SIHOT trainer.


Multi-level certification program

Sequential tests that build upon each other and are time-limited


With the online learning platform for SIHOT customers, you have the opportunity to:

  • Conduct your team’s entire onboarding process online
  • Deepen your team’s know-how
  • Achieve significant cost savings potential of up to 82% compared to onboarding with an experienced SIHOT trainer.

The ACADEMY is free of charge and available in English and German.

Event Management

With SIHOT.ACADEMY, our goal is to provide the best possible learning experience for our PMS. The ACADEMY is designed to teach your team all the skills they need to effectively use SIHOT. Our courses and certification programs are carefully planned and prepared to help you get the most out of your SIHOT.PMS.

Modular Courses

Your team learns at their own pace about the application areas and functionalities of SIHOT.PMS. The courses are logically structured in consecutive stages.

The courses can be selected based on user groups, including Housekeeping, Front Office, C&B, Sales & Marketing, Back Office, Reservation, and Setup.

Multi-level Certification Program

The content of multiple courses within a learning area is tested step by step. Time-limited exams assess different subareas. An official certification confirms the successful completion of the course.

Customized Courses

Engage us to incorporate your company-specific learning material into the ACADEMY. Make the courses available to all teams or differentiate them by properties or defined groups.


Access to SIHOT Practice Software

The SIHOT practice software allows your team to apply their learned knowledge in a SIHOT.PMS, enhancing their understanding of the course content without affecting your operations.


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