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Easy management of all of your properties

Tailored for
your business model

Intelligent technology for your reservation center

BI: Precise foundation for decision making

Unlimited integration

Why hotel chains use SIHOT:

Adaptation to your business model
Local and global solutions for central management information exchange
Consolidated or individual exchange of information
Intelligent technology for your reservation center: i.a. complex commission or quota management
Differentiation between central and decentralized services
BI: Central and individual
Unlimited integration options
PMS integrated event management
SIHOT.KIOSK: Terminal check-in / -out
Tour operator management: contingents, commissions and special conditions
Guest app
Comprehensive CRM module
E-Learning and remote training adjusted to group requirements

Hotel chains that trust us:

melia hotels international
Best Western Hotels & Resorts
mantra hotels resorts apartments
motel one
La Branda Hotels & Resorts
casual hoteles
Karisma Hotels & Resorts
wyndham hotel
Soho Boutique Hotels
sunstar swiss hotel collection
TripInn Hotels

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Enabling change and growth with an adaptable partner

Tailored to your business model!

The hotel industry consists of a colorful potpourri of different business models. Whether your hotel belongs to a chain, cooperation or mixed form, our technology adapts to you!

SIHOT.MPE, the local solution:
For smaller and local hotel chains. Data can be accessed from several hotels. SIHOT.MPE enables availability, comprehensive management of guest data, forecasts or joint daily closings for all registered hotels.

SIHOT.CM, the global solution:
For international and large hotel groups, SIHOT.CM is the module for central management. SIHOT.CM enables the secure exchange of consolidated information between the head office and the connected hotels. Regardless of whether it is a chain, cooperation or mixed form, SIHOT.CM offers a tailor-made solution for your business model. You can decide whether you keep the data of your properties in a single or shared database. Therefore, you also determine which information is transmitted to the headquarters. You can find detailed information on SIHOT.CM here.

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Intelligent technology for your reservation center

SIHOT.CRS covers all the functions of an independent booking channel for your reservation center. The module perfectly complements the functions of SIHOT.CM and SIHOT.MPE and is ideally used in combination with one of the two modules.

Features of SIHOT.CRS:

  • Handling of different segments such as TO’s, travel agencies, OTA’s or direct inquiries
  • Selling different hotels with different products
  • Management of complex commission agreements: standard or individual commission deposit, package commission or individual commission
  • Automation of work processes
  • Management of all types of contingents
  • Direct transmission of data
  • Definition and sale of central services such as transfers or event tickets
  • Collective billing function for tour operators or agencies

Business intelligence, your foundation for decision making

Your success depends on making the right decisions. Our solutions for central management, SIHOT.CM, SIHOT.MPE and SIHOT.CRS enable you to manage your data in an easy and efficient way. Use insights to increase your ROI or improve your guest experience. Your reporting can either show you individual or consolidated data for sales, occupancy or marketing segments. You can also individualize your management reports and only include the information, which is relevant to you. Hence, you ensure the central and successful control of your hotel operation.

Reportings online

Unlimited integration options

For global hotel chains in particular, interfaces to various third-party providers are a “must”. The requirement for the PMS, as the heart of hotel technology, is to guarantee simple and secure interfaces for other hotel software products. That’s how globally operating complex hotel groups, are able to ensure a perfect customer experience. At SIHOT, Interfaces for¬† most providers already exist. Otherwise, your partners can securely access our data using our APIs.

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