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PMS integrated
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Events for corporate accounts

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Why MICE hotels use SIHOT:

Simultaneous organization of events and booking of hotel rooms
Excellent group management
Mobile on site event management

Creation of room plans

Time management of event activities such as construction time
Activity management such as experiences or tours
Flexible rate management e.g. by conference rates
BI: Creation of occupancy forecasts for events
Automatic creation of event contracts and function sheets
Event changes are automatically forwarded to the individual departments
Commission management for tour operators and event agencies
Campaign management for events & sales incentive programs
Increase in sales at the event through various point of sales

Multi-Property: Capacity check in several hotels at the same time

Hotel and event management in

one system

With the optional event management module, SIHOT.C&B, you can integrate event management into your PMS. This way you don’t need to switch back and forth between two systems and can easily book rooms and events at the same time.

Offers, bookings, planning, bookkeeping and forecasts are handled collectively in one system. The cross-departmental use of one solution optimizes the collaboration between different teams. When booking an event, you can configure the system to fit your business. Conference or U-shaped seating, decoration, preparation, event equipment, open or exclusive occupancy. The possibilities are unlimited.

The price information shows you the current calculation for each reservation and the automatically generated event agreement quickly let’s you achieve the closure of the contract. All contract documents can be saved directly within the event booking.


Event management

MICE hotels that trust in us:

melia hotels international
Tagungszentrum Landhut
Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe
Michel Hotel
Novina Hotels
Arte Seminar und Konferenzhotel
Best Western Hotels & Resorts
Morton Hotel

Customer success story

Collegium Glashütten – Zentrum für Kommunikation and SIHOT

The software showed a high degree of customization in order to specifically address our needs

hold presentation

Event experiences that your corporate accounts will not forget

MICE Hotels need to be optimally prepared for the handling of corporate customers. Only a PMS with powerful functions can help you to fullfil the requirements of this demanding target group.

Not only smaller events such as conferences, seminars and off-site meetings can be perfectly planned with SIHOT.C&B, but also large events such as award ceremonies or trade fairs where several events with different schedules take place at the same time. With our event managment module you are able to rebook rooms, move entire events or copy them to another appointment with only one click. The function sheet for an event is automatically generated and forwarded to the involved hotel departments. Even if numerous events take place in one day, your team keeps a clear head and can offer excellent service.

Large numbers of people can also be controlled perfectly by the system. Transfer guest data automatically by simply importing rooming lists into the system. Booking adjustments are automatically transferred to all guests in the same booking after a single change in the main booking. You can also benefit from hassle-free and quick group check-ins and check-outs. The check-in for example, can be carried out conveniently with only one click.

Optimize your event sales

Our sales and customer relationship management functions, are tailored to MICE hotels and enables the sales department to create an excellent service.

Customer Relationship Management – Lay the foundation for optimal service by actively managing customer contact:

  • Customer and contact management: contact documentation, identification of sales opportunities and follow-up reminders
  • Account management: define leads and contacts
  • Performance increase: Precise specifications per account and employee ensure comparison with past results
  • Customer segmentation: who is the customer? Document, among other things, demographics, preferences or interests
  • BI: Comprehensive sales and occupancy forecasts

Budget management: Create detailed budgets for your customers and evaluate them through ad hoc reporting.

Campaign management: You can assign each customer contact to a specific project and thus keep an overview of the progress and success of the marketing activities.

team meeting before the event

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