Managing beds and rooms in one solution



Managment by individual beds

SIHOT.BEDS is ideal for hostels, backpackers‘ lodges or boarding houses where rooms and individual beds are being let. The module ensures that the allocation of rooms and/or beds fully optimises your occupancy. Larger groups and school classes are quickly assigned to beds. The allocation is automatic and differentiates between girls and boys.

Room Rack

The room rack provides an overview of arrivals, departures and in-house guests. The future occupancy shows each room and includes the individual beds in each room. Changes can be made easily using drag & drop directly on the room rack.


Group Check-In

Group check-ins are handled fast and easily. The check-in can be started via the room rack, via the rooming list in the reservation or via the arrivals overview.



The GM’s info and a number of other reports, such as the yearly overview and the cumulated category report, show average room rates as well as average person rates per bed category.