Business Intelligence meets PMS

SIHOT’s newest module:

The PMS integrated business insights solution

All your advantages at a glance

Data quality

Data quality – Benefit from the data depth of the SIHOT brand

Daily Dashboard

Daily Dashboard – Your most important KPIs at a glance

Management analytics

Management analytics – A strong decision-making basis for your management team

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales – Our “Tree of truth”: follow the performance of your segments and sales channels down to the smallest detail


Forecasts – Navigate your success


Worldmap – Performance and marketing data per country and region

Same day last year

Same day last year – Analyze the development of your company

Operations Analytics

Operations Analytics – Selected KPIs for your Operations Team

Make the right decisions

Your success depends on making the right decisions. The new business intelligence module SIHOT.INSIGHTS can be integrated into your PMS with the help of Microsoft’s Power BI. The combination of these two tools turns your data foundation into a powerful decision-making tool.
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SIHOT stands for quality. Our partners value us for our reliability and precision.
Choose a foundation for making decisions that you can trustions that you can trust

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Reduce complexity and save time

Countless Excel reports, laborious comparison of different KPIs, putting together an individual analysis tool using third-party providers? Sounds familiar? This is over from now on. SIHOT.INSIGHTS saves you valuable time. Automate your data and create dashboards for different internal target groups. Analyze historical and real-time data and relate the two values. Create forecasts to make quick decisions and thus always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Daily Dashboard: The most important things at a glance

The daily dashboard provides a quick overview. The most important key figures are summarized in real time. Make sure your team has the same level of knowledge and is pulling in the same direction.

  • Average Room Rate
  • Revenue Per Available Room
  • Pick-Up
  • Occupancy
  • Average Lenght of Stay
  • Total Revenue
  • Sold Rooms
sihot daily dashboard

Reporting options: Individual and expandable for every hotel area

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KPI Report

Daily Pick Up

Same Time Last Year

Lead Time

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Tree Of Truth (Occupancy, Revenue, Average Room Rate, Room Nights)

Lead Time

By Country

Guest Type

sihot revenue


Room Type

Market Code



Revenue Area


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