Build a convincing basis for dialogue




This gives you the opportunity to promote the hotel’s facilities before the guest arrives. E.g. draw attention to your restaurant to secure table reservations in advance or highlight regional attractions in your surroundings. This e-mail is not only an important instrument in Customer Relationship Management, it also facilitates the day-to-day work of your sales and reservation staff by providing detailed information in advance. The e-mails are sent out to customers depending on the timings configured in SIHOT.GUEST, profiles of customers not wishing to receive e-mails are flagged accordingly. You can also define if the e-mails should be sent to the person reserving the room or to the actual guest staying with you.



Thank guests for staying with you after their departure. Use meaningful links to your homepage and keep your guests up-to-date with events and promotions at your hotel. The post-stay-mail offers additional opportunities in quality management when combined with the module SIHOT.FEEDBACK, as a direct link to the hotel‘s questionnaire can be included in the mail.


Direct Sales

Take the chance to inform your guests about the offers of your hotel and the surrounding area before they check-In. Among various options, you could promote your restaurant and recommend guests make a table booking. The additional communication not only promotes your customer relationship, but also reduces the daily work of your sales and reservation team.