Complete Handling of Cancellation and No-Show Charges



Individual Configuration of Rules

According to your contractual conditions, you can create appropriate rules in SIHOT and thus respond to the specific agreements with your customers or sales partners. These rules can be used in the event of a complete cancellation or no-show, as well as a change of category or change of the period of stay, including early departures. You determine which rule should apply to which arrangements and which services and fees are included in the calculation. For example, you can control that additional processing fees are only charged for cancellations, but not for reservation changes.

Flexible Handling of Bookings

Exceptions to the application of the rules can be entered in the guest profile, in the package master file and in each reservation. After the cancellation or amendment of a reservation, SIHOT displays the calculated charges and any applicable fees in a separate dialog. In this dialog, the hotel staff can check and adjust the charges if necessary or even waive them entirely.