Keep control of your inventory



Issuing & Posting

The requested item is recorded on the guest account. At the same time, the refundable deposit is posted to the account. A receipt can be printed for the guest.


When the item is returned, guests can be reimbursed straight away or they can keep the deposit as a credit on their account to be included in the final settlement.

Loss or damage

If the item is damaged or simply not returned, the fee is not refunded. Instead, SIHOT posts a revenue in form of a service and the payment remains on the account. The damaged or lost item is automatically assigned a “blocked” status in the inventory until such a time it is replaced or mended and the status is manually changed to “available” again.

Reporting & Controlling

There is a comprehensive report on deposits collected and refunded, which can be called up either for a particular day or over a certain period.