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Sell vouchers

At the time of the sale, sales taxes such as VAT are due immediately in most countries. Therefore, SIHOT automatically creates an invoice and prints the voucher using a layout in your own design. Payments rendered and services provided are immediately posted and recorded and do not require any manual input. In multi property environments, there is a possibility to restrict the sale and redemption of vouchers to specific properties. If you offer vouchers online via SIHOT.WEB, clients can pay directly using the convenient credit card interface.

Redeem Vouchers

To redeem a voucher, you simply enter the voucher’s number in SIHOT. This will offset the voucher account and the transaction will be transferred into accounts during the following night audit. A double redemption is prevented by the unique voucher number. The function “block voucher“ is another useful safety feature, e.g. in case of a lost voucher.


A special dialog provides an overview over each and every voucher issued. The search and sorting mechanisms help you to track the open vouchers or to monitor vouchers issued during a certain period. Of course, it is important to identify those clients who actually buy the vouchers and include them in targeted marketing activities, for which SIHOT supplies all required data.