BAR rates implemented easily

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The right price, at the right time, for the right guest

The module SIHOT.YIELD│EXPRESS manages BAR rates effectively in relation to occupancy. For example, you can offer low BAR rates up to a relatively high occupancy percentage during the low season. However, during periods with a traditionally high occupancy, you will offer high rates only. At the same time, add restrictions to a BAR level, such as a minimum length of stay requirement or stipulate a non-arrival or non-departure policy.



Yield Scheme

SIHOT.YIELD│EXPRESS uses different BAR rates with varying rate levels. These rates are entered into schemes, which define which rate level is applied up to a certain occupancy percentage. Different schemes can be established for different seasons, public holiday periods, trade fairs and exhibitions, etc., so that when a high occupancy is expected, you can push higher rate levels

Yield Calendar

The yield calendar defines the scheme applicable on each day. You can, for example, apply one scheme for an entire season and then change individual days within the season as and when required. Each reservation and reservation query will then show the BAR rate in the scheme assigned to the arrival date according to the current occupancy percentage.