Regardless of whether you are just starting to work with SIHOT or whether you would like to deepen your knowledge – in our SIHOT.eLearning and SIHOT.Video tutorials you will find videos that will help you


Our eLearning videos are short sequences showing you how to carry out daily tasks quickly and efficiently. They include hints and tips, which are not only interesting for Newbies but also for more advanced users of SIHOT. 

Changing the address on a bill

Change the room status in SIHOT

Reservation with rate info

Charge routing to another room

Group check-in

Miscellaneous account – Paymaster

Company contacts

Do not move

Suspended or forgotten password

Changing your password

Searches & Results

Adding fixed services

Tips & Tricks Part 1

Outlet control


Follow-up Trails

SIHOT.Video Tutorials

In the more detailed video tutorials you will find further information on various topics in SIHOT. This enables you to constantly expand your know-how.

Changing the room status 1

Changing the room status 2

Invoice holder in reservations

Assigning a mother company

Multiple Editing

Separate invoices

Create various accounts

Currency exchange

Settling multiple invoices

Room moves 1

Room moves 2