Barbara, supports the Red Cross during the Covid-19 crisis

May 12, 2020 | Sihot

Barbara, what are your main tasks in your work for the URS?
The “Unidad de respuesta Social” was introduced when the state of alarm was communicated in Spain. In this unit, we are dedicated to the delivery of medicines, basic food and other essential products that cover the daily needs. The resources go to the most affected people. Families without financial resources, people with Covid-19 who are alone, or people have lost their jobs due to the economic impact of the crisis.

Why did you choose to support an NGO?
I have always been interested in social initiatives and have worked in children’s hospitals, senior centers or on a project with children in Morocco. Although I am not professionally active in the field, I feel like I am doing my part. Especially during the Corona crisis, which hit Spain particularly hard, I could not just sit around, I wanted to actively help.

Why do you think it is so important to show initiative?
It is important now to demonstrate compassion and show solidarity. This is possible in different ways and for all people. Because during times of crisis, all help counts. Whether through donations or active support in projects.

What have you learned from this crisis?

Solidarity and team spirit are basic values ​​that we need to integrate into our everyday life. During crises, it is extremely important that we use and demonstrate this attitude consistently. We can only accomplish a real change in our day to day life if we demonstrate a common cause together as community.

Thank you for your initiative, Barbara! We are very proud that you are part of the SIHOT team!