The Multi-Property Editon by SIHOT

Module info

Ideal for Hotel Chains

SIHOT.MPE is installed in properties that are connected to a number of other properties, for example within a hotel group. In this edition, the data of all other properties can be provided alongside the individual clients own data.




The cumulated category plan in an MPE installation shows a complete overview over the booking situation in the different properties. Reservations can be made with the help of the rate information dialog, where staff can call up and compare different properties to provide the best choice of accommodation for the prospective guest. A special dialog handles reservations that are moved from one property to another, ensuring that all aspects of this transaction are carried out correctly.

Hotel Criteria

Hotel criteria are another feature in MPE installations: they provide a catalogue of valuable extra information on each property. A criteria might be, for example, if a property is particularly family friendly, an in-house spa facility, gym etc.These attributes are saved in the hotel master files and can be searched for or simply called up for information during the reservation process in the rate.

Joint Guest Database

The guest profiles contain the history data of all connected properties, providing a comprehensive and complete profile for each client and guest.The profiles also show which allotments are held in which property as well as any events or functions that the profile is linked to and all accounts that the profile is linked to. The account search can be conducted throughout all properties. Installations that also use SIHOT.LOYALITY, the guest’s points accumulated or paid out in all properties are also shown.



Reports, statistics, forecasts and analytic graphs can be called up for all, selected or single properties. The figures can be shown as cumulated value or detailed for each property. The MPE dashboard always gives a current overview over rooms occupied, ARR and revenue figures per property.

Night Audit

If required, the night audit schedules can be run for several properties at the same time.

Cross-Property Vouchers

The module SIHOT.VOUCHER is multi-property-ready, i.e. you can sell vouchers in one of the connected properties and the guest can redeem the voucher in another property. The guest profile shows exactly where the vouchers were bought and where they were redeemed.


City Ledger Managment

The handling of city ledgers is multi-property-ready as well: select the hotels to be examined and choose cumulated or detailed figures as required.


Access Rights

You limit access to the properties for security reasons. Users can only see the properties they have specifically been granted access to. If the user rights for all or any of the other properties are missing, then they are not able to enter reservations and they are not able to see the respective figures.