Know Your Target Audience



Client & Contact Management

SIHOT.SALES helps you to find your guests’ traces, setting the foundation for intensive guest relations and a choice of services, distinguishing your property from the competition. As a result, you will be able to achieve successful sales and long-term relationships with your guests. Sales staff can document every client contact and add reminders to follow-up.


Sales Opportunities and Contracts

SIHOT.SALES actively supports your sales team. Each activity, sales opportunity and contract entered by a sales person is assigned to a project. This provides detailed performance records for staff as well as comprehensive analysis of the expected revenues. Recording and documenting your sales opportunities ensures a methodical and organised working approach. The results of a successful negotiation are recorded in a contract, which is available to all those concerned immediately.


Sales Project

Every client contact can be linked to a project, which lets you monitor and track the progress and success of your marketing strategies.


Every activity has a date and reminders can be added as required. This ensures that no appointments are missed and follow-ups are quickly dealt with.

Sales Potential

The sales potential creates detailed budgets for your clients, offering a variety of uses and also an ad hoc reporting analysis.

Sales Data

Set precise targets for key-accounts and compare these figures with their actual performance. For further distinction, set different targets for different contacts. Assigning a sales person creates an even more dynamic guest and client index.

Logbooks and Analyzes

Monitor and rate the performance of your team by using the detailed log books. Sophisticated sets of analysis compare targets and actual figures, establishing well-founded forecasts for the future.


Guest Documents and Correspondence

Every document produced for a guest – printed or electronic – can be saved, e.g. mailings, confirmations of reservation, invoices and also banqueting contracts. Additional documents may be added by drag & drop. E-mails are filed in Microsoft Outlook as they are sent or received. The complete correspondence is now at your fingertips, as every paper can be reproduced easily, there is no need to retype. Using date functions, you may set reminders or follow-up requests


Target Group Characteristics

Save all the information that is important to your business, such as hobbies, interests, and memberships, even the results of the guest questionnaire. Use these features as a tool to understand your customers and analyse your market. Furthermore, the sales team can store their own data – additional fields for features such as “company size” and “potential sales power” are especially useful in company and agency records.


Guest Selection

The guest selection tool lists guest profiles as selected with an almost infinite combination of parameters, which you can define for your own specific purposes. Use the same list to enter guest features within the profiles. Or use specific records to create mail shots in letter or e-mail form, which again can be stored in the guest’s profile, with a reminder if required.

Pre- & Post-Stay

As part of SIHOT.SALES, this function opens up new possibilities for customer loyalty. Further information can be found at SIHOT.PRE- & POST-STAY.



Standard working procedures can be automated by defining events that prompt a particular action, e. g. if a reservation’s status changes from “waitlist” to “guaranteed”, then SIHOT will send an e-mail to the respective client for confirmation.